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Earth Design Limited (8)
Earth Design (8)
CBI » 3 Structure » 32 Earth » 322 Rammed earth construction
3221 Rammed earth construction - Formwork (0)
Formwork for rammed earth construction
3222 Rammed earth construction - Reinforcement (0)
Reinforcement of all types for rammed earth construction
3223 Rammed earth construction - Dpc's and underlays (0)
Underlays and damp-proof courses to rammed earth construction
3224 Rammed earth construction (1)
Earth, with or without cementitious construction or other admixtures, and reinforcement, placed and consolidated into formwork, including all accessories
3225 Rammed earth construction - Surface treatment (8)
Surface treatment to rammed earth construction, either to produce a key for subsequent finishes or a finished surface
Earth Design American Clay Sanded Primer
Earth Design Limited
Insures bond for plasters applied on new drywall
Earth Design American Clay Earth Plasters
Earth Design Limited
Interior veneer plaster system
Earth Design American Clay Earth Plaster
Earth Design Limited
Earth Plaster is a practical alternative to cement
Earth Design American Clay Penetrating Sealer
Earth Design Limited
Penetrating sealer is a low-VOC(25g/litre) product
Earth Design American Clay Color Packs
Earth Design Limited
Colouring for American clay earth plaster
Earth Design American Clay Earth Plaster - Marittimo
Earth Design Limited
Practical alternative to cement, gypsum, lime
Earth Design American Clay Earth Plaster - Porcelina
Earth Design Limited
Practical alternative to cement, gypsum and lime.
Earth Design American Clay Black Soap Finish
Earth Design Limited
A gelatinous castile soap infused with potash.
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