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Resources for documenting product performance

Clause 14G of the Building Amendment Act 2013 clarifies the responsibilities of Product Manufacturers and Suppliers to establish and document that their products meet the performance requirements of the Building Code. In response we have created the miproducts Product Technical Statement (PTS) to support you in the preparation of your documentation. We have also prepared a number of resources to help you prepare your PTS

   Access​ or download an electronic copy of the Building Regulations 1992  
   Download a guide to creating a PTS
   Download examples of sample PTS’s Example 1 Example 2 Example 3  
   Create a Supplier account on the miproducts National Product Database
   Create free basic product listings on miproducts log in to your account, on your Dashboard select Product Listings, select New Product.

If you are an existing Masterspec Product Partner you already qualify for five free Product Technical Statement (PTS) listings – if you already have PDS's you can upgrade these to PTS's by logging in to your account and using the wizard to add the extra information needed.

If you are new to Masterspec and miproducts you can create a Supplier account and create basic listings for every product in your range, all for free. And you can purchase PTS Listings outright (in groups of five, see the Pricing Schedule for more information).

If you need any help navigating the website please don’t hesitate to call us on 09 631 7044 or email

If you need more than 20 PTS's then please contact Mark Fairbairn on 021 609 910 or email

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