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Concrete Plus Ltd (37)
Mapei New Zealand Ltd (36)
Sika (NZ) Ltd (15)
Markham Global (13)
Ramsetreid New Zealand (12)
ARDEX New Zealand Limited (10)
Max Frank Australia PTY Ltd (9)
Cemix Limited  (8)
Simpson Strong-Tie (8)
Mapei (36)
Fosroc (25)
Sika (15)
ARDEX (10)
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Mapei Mapelastic Smart
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (crack-bridging capacity >2mm) for waterproofing
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Expol Thermaslab EPS sheet
Expol Limited
Polystyrene (EPS) sheet.
Nuplex K85 Rapid Set Pourable Epoxy Grout
Nuplex Construction Products
Pourable epoxy grout very rapid setting
Wilco Precast
Wilco Precast Ltd
Precast columns, beams and lintels
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Canzac Fillets
Filets are made of high quality PVC, it can be can be curved and bent for different ways of use.
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Jagas Traffic Islands
Jagas Ltd
Jagas manufactures portable precast concrete traffic islands for Signals Signs & Services Ltd.
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Fosroc Nitomortar BH
Concrete Plus Ltd
High performance epoxy resin blow hole and repair fairing mortar.
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Fosroc Nitocote SN502
Concrete Plus Ltd
Economical, penetrating hydrophobic silane-siloxane, clear treatment for masonry and concrete.
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Gilt Edge Floor Levelling Systems UZIN 160 SELF LEVELLING
Gilt Edge Industries Ltd
Self-levelling cement flooring compound for thickness up to 20 mm
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Markham 4034
Markham Global
Concrete crack and joint repair system
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Sika Sikadur-41 CF Normal Three-component, non-slump mortar
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Three component, non-slump mortar
LithoEco Clean Polished Concrete Conditioner
LESA Systems LTD
LithoEcoClean LithEcoClean is an anionic surfactant dedicated to concrete marble and stone.
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Dimond HiBond flooring
Composite steel concrete flooring system
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CANZAC Mono Pour Armour Joint System
Systems to protect movement of joints.
Planet Concrete stamped concrete
Planet Concrete
A decorative system which provides the look of slate and stone surfaces by use of stamps and dyes.
Surface Solutions resurfacing specialists
Surface Solutions Ltd
Trowel and spray finishes for concrete
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Fosroc Conbextra EP10
Concrete Plus Ltd
A highly fluid epoxy grout for dynamic/repetitive load applications gap width between 0.25-10mm.
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ARDEX EG 15 - High-Performance Epoxy Grout
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
Easy-clean, high-performance epoxy grout with very high chemical and physical resistance.
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ARDEX FG 8 - Flexible, Sanded, Cement-Based Grout
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
Flexible, sanded, cement-based grout for 1-8mm joints.
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Sika Primer MB solvent free epoxy resin primer
Sika (NZ) Ltd
2-component, solvent free epoxy resin primer.
C2 Super Hard
GDP Flooring Solutions Limited
Premium lithium concrete sealer hardener, densifier and dustproofer.
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Fosroc Renderoc HB40
Concrete Plus Ltd
High performance, medium weight, low shrinkage patch repair mortar compatible with concrete 30-45MPa
Busck prestressed concrete
Busck Prestressed Concrete Ltd
Prestressed and precast concrete for building and paving.
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ComFlor 60 composite floor decking
Steel & Tube
Lightweight flooring system for all multi-rise buildings
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Aquron 1000 Supergrind System for Polished Concrete
Markham Global
2 step system enhancing durability & final finish for polished concrete floors
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Sika Swell Profile pre-formed swellable waterstop
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Pre-formed swellable waterstop
Cemix Concrete Cure WB admixture
Cemix Limited
Membrane to retain moisture in curing concrete.
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ARDEX MC Rapid - One-Coat Moisture Control System
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
Epoxy moisture management system that suppresses excessive moisture in new or existing concrete
High-Tech Spall FX
Concrete Results Ltd
HT Spall-FX is a rapid set, high strength ultra low viscosity
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Avista Concrete Patch Repair Compond 3-40mm
Concrete Plus Ltd
High strength patch repair mortar 3 - 40mm
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