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ACO Drain Cablemate
ACO Limited
Trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications, etc.
Hunza M1 Surface Mounted Spot
Lighting Revolution
Very small low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light on a stiff metal bracket IP68
Selecon LED wall washer
Selecon New Zealand Ltd
Delivers a homogenous, glare free beam which will evenly light walls. No UV or infrared radiation.
LuxR M1 Surface Mounted Spot
Lighting Revolution
Small low-voltage dimmable outdoor spotlight, stiff metal bracket for surface installation IP66
EcoInnovation Pelton water turbine - low output
Low voltage water turbine
LuxR Modux Micro Spike Spot
Lighting Revolution
Possibly the world's smallest range of IP68 landscape luminaires.
EcoInnovation Plastic Turbine Blades
Plastic Turbine Blades
Optima luminaires
Windsor Urban Limited
Suited for external lighting from street lighting to carparks and suitable for high mounts.
LuxR M1 Weighted Base / Pond Spot
Lighting Revolution
Small low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light with a solid metal base for installing into water IP68
Hunza Euro Twin Pole Light
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for path lighting as well as tree lighting or the heads may be aimed downwards. IP66
LuxR M2 Square Recessed
Lighting Revolution
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplighter typically producing 170 lumens.
Hunza Single Pole Light
Lighting Revolution
An individual spotlight connected to a fully adjustable arm allowing 360 degrees rotation. IP66
Hunza Pillar Light
Lighting Revolution
Illuminates both upwards & downwards giving columns, pillars etc a dramatic effect. IP66
Hunza Floor Light Louvre Square
Lighting Revolution
An uplighter luminaire which has a low profile of 7mm. IP67
EcoInnovation Wind turbine
Wind turbine
LuxR M4 Path Light Recessed
Lighting Revolution
An outdoor path light available in 1,2,3 or 4 aperture options, produces a wash distribution. IP68
Hunza Hanging Light High Power
Lighting Revolution
Single spotlight which can be easily hung from high vantage points, including trees. IP66
Fibre Optic lighting
Add drama, ambiance and functionality to external areas like your pool and garden paths.
Aesthetics Lighting pendants
Aesthetics Lighting Limited
Striking interior feature lighting in a range of styles.
OE Elsafe Elite
Jackson Industries
Premium quality in-desk power & data management solution
Interserv Electrical and data cable management systems
Interserv Sales
Column and skirting trunking for commercial and institutional buildings
AI Lighting T5 Highbay luminarire
Architectural Intelligence Ltd
T5 Fluorescent Luminaries Highbay Light - with 4/6 tube high output. Dimmable options
Hunza Cube Bollard Quartz
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for illuminating walkways and pathways. With its sleek, simple yet bold appearance
Ferguson Windmills Waterpump Windmills
Ferguson Windmills Company
Waterpump Windmills
OE Elsafe ARC-80
Jackson Industries
Integrated wireless fast charger offering the ultimate in convenient, cable free fast charging
ABL EV Charger eMH1, eMH2, eMH3
Jackson Industries
ABL EV chargers are AC single & three phase electric vehicle chargers. German made. NZ supported
Fel Group Brampton bollard
fel. Group
Low level street lighting which is versatile and economic.
Hunza Catenary Mount High Power
Lighting Revolution
Single spotlight which has been specially designed for transverse suspension lighting IP66
Customlight X-Ray Viewer
X-Ray viewer, steel construction, white powder coat finish.Output of 9000 LUX.
Hunza Ultra 35 Spot
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on vertical surfaces as well as in soil with the Spike accessory IP66
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