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ACO Drain Cablemate
ACO Limited
Trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications, etc.
Hunza Euro Twin Pole Light
Ideal for path lighting as well as tree lighting or the heads may be aimed downwards. IP66
OE Elsafe Swift
Jackson Industries
Surface mounted. Brushed stainless steel finish.
OE Elsafe Cable Snake Cube
Jackson Industries
Sit to stand cable management solution
Hunza Floor Light
An uplighter that has an extremely low profile, can be walked on without damaging the luminaire IP67
OE Elsafe Condor
Jackson Industries
Large capacity, versatile floor box
Hunza Cube Wall Light
Designed to be wall mounted. Can be used as a spot light, uplight or downlight. IP66
EcoInnovation Pelton water turbine - low output
Low voltage water turbine
Gusto Energy Gusto 2.0 kW Wind Turbine
Gusto Energy Limited
Wind urbine wind environment found in NZ
Hunza Safe Touch 100 RGBW
Designed for uplighting in public spaces with multi-colour LED system that is controlled by DMX IP67
Ferguson Windmills Waterpump Windmills
Ferguson Windmills Company
Waterpump Windmills
OE Elsafe Pluto
Jackson Industries
Suited to breakout areas, meeting rooms and public spaces
OE Elsafe Prodigy
Jackson Industries
Smart Cable ManagementCable Basket with built in mounting brackets for quick installation.
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Boss Fire Downlight Cover
Potter Interior Systems
Intumescent hood that is installed on top of the downlight to provide 2hr protection to the ceiling.
EcoInnovation Vegetable oil backup generated air cooled
Hunza RGBW Downlight Ceiling Mount High Power
Suitable for surface mounting on ceilings. Water resistant
Dot downlights
Nimbus Lighting
Energy saving compact fluorescent downlights.
LuxR M1 Spike Spot
A small outdoor spot light with a 175mm solid metal spike for installing into garden soil IP
ECC Antares
ECC Lighting & Furniture
Light fittings
Hunza Mini Bollard
Unobtrusive, low profile light that provides soft lighting effects on decks, railings & posts IP66
Hunza Floor Light Louvre
An uplighter that has an extremely low profile which can be walked on. IP67
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MonkeyToe General Mounting
Monkeytoe Group Ltd
Duct supports and solar panel mounts that will withstand even the windiest conditions in New Zealand
OE Elsafe Tardis
Jackson Industries
Flush mounted in-desk box
OE Elsafe Harrier
Jackson Industries
One of the shallowest stainless steel floor boxes on the market
LuxR M4 Pond/Weighted Base Spot
Powerful low-voltage dimmable outdoor spotlight, solid metal base for installing into water features
ABL EV Charger eMH1, eMH2, eMH3
Jackson Industries
ABL EV chargers are AC single & three phase electric vehicle chargers. German made. NZ supported
Hunza Floor Light Darklighter
A compact up-lighter with minimal glare. Glare control enhanced by using matte black interior IP67
Phosforma Ula S IP67
Outdoor LED strip lighting for long term use. Easy and reliable connections.
Hunza Flush Floor Light
Designed to mount flush with the level of a pathway, hotel floor or a building foyer IP67
Hunza RGBW Downlight High Power
Engineered for drama, colour changing. Can be mounted to timber, masonry or stone.
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