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Hunza (110)
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ACO Drain Cablemate
ACO Limited
Trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications, etc.
LuxR M2 Recessed Darklighter
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplighter typically producing 170 lumens IP68
New Zealand Rexel Lighting switch sensors
New Zealand Rexel Lighting
Passive infa-red (PIR)technology detects the occupancy in a room based on heat emitted from the body
Hunza Ultra Pillar Light
Illuminates both up & downwards, giving columns, gateway pillars & entrances a dramatic effect IP66
Hunza Ultra Ceiling Mount
Designed to be mounted on horizontal surfaces. Used for direct lighting IP66
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PDL S Series electrical switches
Schneider Electric New Zealand Limited
All-purpose isolating switch
General Cable CCG utility box-general purpose junction box
General Cable New Zealand Ltd
Suitable for all surface applications. Made from glass reinforced polyester compound.
Hunza RGBW Catenary Mount High Power
To add vitality & a pop of colour for transverse suspension lighting systems. Great for public space
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PDL Modena 800 Series electrical switches and outlets
Schneider Electric New Zealand Limited
Domestic and commercial wiring accessories
Sylvania amenity lighting
Gerard Lighting
A wide variety of outdoor amenity lighting from lamps, bollards to security lighting.
EcoInnovation Pelton water Turbine
Water turbine
DOMUS LINE LED Spotlights - Smally XS Plus Range
FIT Limited
Plug & play fitting for easy disconnect & reconnect. No visible dots. 2 finishes. 2 light colours.
OE Elsafe Qiksilva
Jackson Industries
Minimalist design, compact power rail
Hunza Cube Pillar Light
Illuminates upwards& downwards, giving columns, gateway/pillars and entrances a dramatic effect IP66
Phosforma Ula M IP67
Outdoor LED Strip Lighting for long term professional applications. Water resistant.
Hunza Micro Spike Glare Guard
A miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light, 150mm spike for installing into soil IP66
Hunza Border Light Twin
The Twin Border Light Pure LED is ideal for path lighting giving a wide spread of light. IP66
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PDL 600 Designer Series electrical switches and outlets
Schneider Electric New Zealand Limited
Electrical switches and outlets
Energymad Ecobulb
Lasts up to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs and twice as long as other energy saving bulbs.
Hunza Cast Solid Bronze ST100
Designed to survive in harsh conditions. NZ Made, built to last.
LuxR M2 Square Louvre Recessed
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor washer producing an attractive wash of light. IP68
Hunza Tier Light
Designed for illuminating medium level foliage. It is mounted on a 700mm pole IP66
Hunza Eave Light
Ideal for installation in eaves, soffits, entrance ways, verandahs, carports or covered decks IP66
Superlux downlights
A number of downlights designs for ceilings to match your interior layout.
LuxR M1 Saber Pole Light
1 inch diameter miniature pole marker light produces plenty of light creating a 360 degree wash IP68
Hunza Cast Solid Bronze ST100
This fitting is perfect for installation where ground conditions may be harsh due to fertilizer IP68
Hunza Pool Light High Power
Designed for recessed installation in swimming pools. Fully submersible, IP68
Hunza Floor Light Louvre
An uplighter that has an extremely low profile which can be walked on. IP67
OE Elsafe Raven
Jackson Industries
Raven is small, very shallow (60mm) floor box with stainless steel lid.
Display Lighting LED Strip Luminous 9.6w
Display Lighting
Wattage: 9.6W/M Lumens: 720-792lm Cut Point: 50mm Colour Temp: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
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