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Ecoglo International Ltd (3)
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Hunza (110)
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EcoInnovation  (16)
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ACO Drain Cablemate
ACO Limited
Trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications, etc.
Hunza RGBW Pond Light High Power
The perfect dynamic colour solution to complement a grand water feature, fully submersible.IP68
Selecon LED wall washer
Selecon New Zealand Ltd
Delivers a homogenous, glare free beam which will evenly light walls. No UV or infrared radiation.
Hunza Pool Light
Suitable to be fully submersed in a pool. No mounting screws in flange. IP68
Hunza Cube Eave
Ideal for installation in eaves, soffits, entranceways, verandahs, carports or covered decks IP66
Modempak Gnomes
Modempak gnomes are easy to install and maintain, single cover fixings allow easy access to mounting
OE Elsafe PB Series
Jackson Industries
Two, three and four socket options
Thermocell Mod-Line on roof panel system
Solar City
Solar panels that form a modular look. Can be attached to any roof with a Thermocell designed frame.
Phosforma X Line RGB & RGBW IP67
Non flexible waterproof LED strip, outdoor lighting colour changing.
OE Elsafe Podium
Jackson Industries
Sleek, low profile power solution
Hunza Ultra Flood Light
Great for wall washing, providing directional light, highlighting architectural features. IP66
OE Elsafe Tardis
Jackson Industries
Flush mounted in-desk box
Gusto Energy Gusto 2.0 kW Wind Turbine
Gusto Energy Limited
Wind urbine wind environment found in NZ
OE Elsafe Axxess
Jackson Industries
All in one in-desk power, data, charging, AV solution
LuxR M2 Recessed Path Light
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor path light that produces a wash distribution. IP68
Display Lighting LED Strip Luminous 9.6w
Display Lighting
Wattage: 9.6W/M Lumens: 720-792lm Cut Point: 50mm Colour Temp: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K
DOMUS LINE 24Vdc SE H4-24 High Emission Side Emitting LED Strip
FIT Limited
Flexible no dotted effect 4mm LED strip ideal for recessed, profile and surface installation
LuxR Micro Dark Lighter
Miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor washer. Light is directed through a 16 Degree beam angle IP68
OE Elsafe Axxess Plus Duo
Jackson Industries
Framelss & ‘perfectly flush’ in-desk box
Hunza Catenary Mount
Specially designed for transverse suspension lighting. Provides a dynamic lighting effect. IP66
EcoInnovation Plastic Turbine Blades
Plastic Turbine Blades
Hunza Ultra Ceiling Mount
Designed to be mounted on horizontal surfaces. Used for direct lighting IP66
DOMUS LINE Tynn Angled Profile for LED Strip
FIT Limited
Stylish anodised aluminium or black profile for surface mounting under shelves and cabinets.
Hunza Tilting Eave 3W
Ideal for installation in eaves, soffits, entrance ways, verandahs, carports or covered decks. IP66
LuxR M2 Surface Mounted Spot
A small low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light on a stiff metal bracket install on surfaces IP68
Sylvania amenity lighting
Gerard Lighting
A wide variety of outdoor amenity lighting from lamps, bollards to security lighting.
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PDL Iconic electrical switches and outlets
Schneider Electric New Zealand Limited
A matt finish switch and socket range with a slim new design platform that is easy to customise
Phosforma Ula M RGBW IP67
Outdoor LED Strip lighting, colour changing, for long term outdoor professional use.
LuxR M4 Square Louvre Recessed
An outdoor washer producing an attractive wash of light. IP68
OE Elsafe Swift
Jackson Industries
Surface mounted floor box. Brushed stainless steel finish.
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