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EcoInnovation (16)
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Ecoglo International Ltd (3)
FIT (Access Group)  (3)
Securimax (3)
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Hunza (110)
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OE Elsafe (30)
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ACO Drain Cablemate
ACO Limited
Trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications, etc.
Ecoglo E14-075 Contrast Stip
Ecoglo International Ltd
Designed to ensure visibility of steps in escape routes to meet NZBC Clause F6.
OE Elsafe Cable Snake Orbit
Jackson Industries
Ideal for sit to stand desk applications or freestanding desks
Hunza Floor Light Dark Lighter Square
Lighting Revolution
A sleek midsized up-lighter with minimal glare. IP67
Hunza Path Light Surface Mount
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for lighting flat areas where a recessed fitting is not suitable. IP66
KTL Technologies Lifelights Emergency LED luminaires
KTL Technologies Ltd
Emergency LED luminaires offer high efficiency
Hunza Eave Light Square
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for installation in eaves, soffits, entrance ways, verandahs, carports or covered decks IP66
Hunza Pillar Pagoda Light
Lighting Revolution
Produces a general lighting effect at the pagoda end, as well as up&down lighting at other end. IP66
Hunza Pillar Light
Lighting Revolution
Illuminates both upwards & downwards giving columns, pillars etc a dramatic effect. IP66
EcoInnovation Smart 400 Wind Turbine – MK2
Wind Turbine
Hunza Ultra Pole Spot
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on horizontal surfaces used for wall washing & directional lighting IP66
Hunza Euro Twin Wall Spot
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on walls and provide directional light for pathways. IP66
Hunza Tree Mount High Power
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted onto a tree to create a moon lighting effect IP66
EcoInnovation Wind turbine
Wind turbine
Hunza Path Light
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for lighting flat areas, decks, paved courtyards, and edge lighting for paths. IP67
LuxR M2 Spike Spot with Stake Mount
Lighting Revolution
A low voltage dimmable outdoor spotlight with a folded stainless steel spike powdercoated black IP68
Hunza Ultra 35 Wall Spot
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on vertical surfaces. Can be used for wall washing or directional light IP66
Hunza Ultra Ceiling Mount
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on horizontal surfaces. Used for direct lighting IP66
Modempak Cat6 Skirting Trunking
Extruded aluminium- hard wearing, robust, durable and will not fade or become brittle over time.
Hunza Floor Light Louvre Square
Lighting Revolution
An uplighter luminaire which has a low profile of 7mm. IP67
Integ Floor/Ceiling/Wall/Free Standing options with Power, Data & Accessories
Modtec Group
A DINZ Bronze BeST Design award winner, the Apollo6 integrates power, data & accessories.
Phosforma Ula S RGBW IP67
Lighting Revolution
LED Outdoor linear colour changing strip, designed for professional outdoor applications waterproof.
LuxR M1 Saber Pole Light
Lighting Revolution
1 inch diameter miniature pole marker light produces plenty of light creating a 360 degree wash IP68
Hunza Pond Light Weighted Base
Lighting Revolution
Adjustable underwater luminaire designed for installation in ponds fountains and water features IP66
OE Elsafe Falcon
Jackson Industries
Compact floor box with excellent capacity
Hunza Pool Light
Lighting Revolution
Suitable to be fully submersed in a pool. No mounting screws in flange. IP68
masterspec partner
Schneider Electric EVlink Smart Wallbox
Schneider Electric New Zealand Limited
Ideal for semi-public parking facilities, corporate EV fleets and apartment complexes.
Hunza RGBW Spike Spot High Power
Lighting Revolution
For full colour creativity for your exterior & landscape designs. Large spike for easy installation.
Hunza Cast Solid Bronze Flood Light
Lighting Revolution
Perfect for harsh environmental conditions. 18W, 2300 Lumens. NZ Made, built to last.
OE Elsafe Cable Snake Cube
Jackson Industries
Sit to stand cable management solution
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