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Lighting Revolution (137)
Schneider Electric New Zealand Limited (17)
EcoInnovation (16)
Jackson Industries (12)
FIT (Access Group)  (4)
Modempak (4)
Customlight (3)
Ecoglo International Ltd (3)
Securimax (3)
SPL Limited (3)
Hunza (89)
LuxR (48)
EcoInnovation  (16)
PDL (12)
OE Elsafe  (11)
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ACO Drain Cablemate
ACO Limited
Trafficable cable pits and continuous surface ducting systems for electrical, communications, etc.
Hunza Pagoda Pagoda Light
Lighting Revolution
provide non-directional light, ideal for illumination of areas such as porches or entrance ways IP66
LuxR M2 Square Louvre Recessed
Lighting Revolution
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor washer producing an attractive wash of light. IP68
EcoInnovation Vegetable oil backup generator- water cooled
Hunza Ultra Flood Light
Lighting Revolution
Great for wall washing, providing directional light, highlighting architectural features. IP66
Hunza Ultra 35 RGBW
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on vertical surfaces, high-output, multi-colour LED IP66
Hunza Path Light
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for lighting flat areas, decks, paved courtyards, and edge lighting for paths. IP67
Hunza Euro Twin Pole Light
Lighting Revolution
Ideal for path lighting as well as tree lighting or the heads may be aimed downwards. IP66
DOMUS LINE LED Strip Lighting Side Emitting Super Flexible
FIT (Access Group)
Ideal for recessed installation in wardrobes, pantries, under cabinets. Suits tight corners.
Els pendant lighting
Impressions Lighting Ltd
Glass pendants for florescent and incandescent lamps.
masterspec partner
Boss Fire Downlight Cover
Potter Interior Systems
The Fire Rated Downlight Cover is an intumescent hood that provide 2hr protection to the ceiling.
EcoInnovation Small Solar PV power system
Solar PV power system
LuxR M4 Spike Spot with Glare Guard
Lighting Revolution
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light with a solid metal spike for installing into garden soil
OE Elsafe Pop
Jackson Industries
Single TUF (twin usb fast) charger or single power socket.
EcoInnovation Wind turbine
Wind turbine
LuxR Micro Spike Glare Guard
Lighting Revolution
A miniature low-voltage dimmable outdoor spot light, with a 150mm spike for installing in soil IP68
AI Lighting T5 Highbay luminarire
Architectural Intelligence Ltd
T5 Fluorescent Luminaries Highbay Light - with 4/6 tube high output. Dimmable options
Hunza Flush Floor Light Square
Lighting Revolution
Designed to mount flush with the level of a pathway, hotel floor or a building foyer IP67
Hunza Lawn Light Cast Bronze
Lighting Revolution
Designed for insertion into a lawn or garden bed and can be mowed over without damage IP67
Hunza Hanging Light
Lighting Revolution
A single spotlight which can be easily hung from high vantage points, including trees. IP66
Hunza Tree Mount High Power
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted onto a tree to create a moon lighting effect IP66
LuxR M2 Square Recessed
Lighting Revolution
A low-voltage dimmable outdoor uplighter typically producing 170 lumens.
OE Elsafe Pandora
Jackson Industries
Rotates to open & close with 360° socket access.Ideal for workstations & meeting rooms.
EcoInnovation Pelton water turbine low rpm rotor
Water turbine
Hunza Driveway Light
Lighting Revolution
An adjustable uplighter designed to be mounted flush with driveways, hotel floors etc. IP67
Hunza Pool Light
Lighting Revolution
Suitable to be fully submersed in a pool. No mounting screws in flange. IP68
Hunza Wall Spot High Power
Lighting Revolution
Designed to be mounted on walls and provide directional light for pathways&structural elements IP66
NightWatcher motorised flood light with digital wireless camera
Stewarts Electrical Supplies
Intelligent motion sensor tracking LED light. Will record images direct to your computer.
Hunza Border Light Twin
Lighting Revolution
The Twin Border Light Pure LED is ideal for path lighting giving a wide spread of light. IP66
LuxR M1 Wayfinder
Lighting Revolution
1 inch diameter miniature pole light produces a generous amount of light in an asymmetric wash IP68
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