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Daikin NZ (42)
Masons Plastabrick Ltd (9)
Construction Specialties (NZ) Ltd (7)
Colt Products and Systems (5)
Tasman Insulation New Zealand Ltd TA Comfortech Performance Building Solutions™ (5)
Temperzone Ltd (5)
DeLonghi New Zealand Ltd (4)
Fujitsu General (4)
DVS Home Ventilation (3)
AMC Fabricators Ltd (2)
Daikin (42)
Masons (9)
Construction Specialties NZ (7)
Colt (5)
DeLonghi (4)
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Just Life Group
Kitchen Rangehood, inc canopy, fan, ducting, flashing and cowl.
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NEXUS SEKISUI Thermobreak® 9705
Nexus Foams
ISO9705 flexible polymeric thermal insulation. Foil vapour barrier, self-adhesive, tube or wrap.
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Gerard LV200 Free-flow Port & G110 Sanitary Port
Gerard Roofs
Ventilation solutions for passive and mechanical vents, matched to Gerard's profile range.
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Daikin Air Purifier
Daikin NZ
Our Air Purifier features advanced technology, compact portable design & ultra quiet operation.
Colt Louvre Systems
Colt Products and Systems
Applications ranging from simple screening through to high performance mechanical louvres
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Masons Flexible Aluminium Ducting
Masons Plastabrick Ltd
Flexible Aluminium self-supporting duct can be bent to send airflow in your desired direction
Osborne-Hume Grilles & Louvres Exhaust 100
Osbournes Ltd
Exhaust Louvres
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Construction Specialties NZ 4"4830 Performance Louvers
Construction Specialties (NZ) Ltd
Step blade performance louvers
Avon Air Handlers
Avon Electric Ltd
Air handlers for supply and exhaust, manufactured to suit your specifications - any kW capacity.
Colt Natural Ventilation Systems
Colt Products and Systems
Colt Natural Ventilation Systems are designed to reduce high internal temperatures and low air flow.
Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Heat Pumps
Mitsubishi Electric
For unobtrusive comfort, ducted heat pumps connect multiple rooms for heating and cooling.
DVS Positive Pressure Ventilation System
DVS Home Ventilation
Made to control condensation and improve air quality in a home.
Airflo Vents Economy and Premium ventillation
Tetral Industries Ltd
Louvred vents are designed to keep your house warm and dry. Quick and easy to install
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Terra Lana Wool Pipe Lagging
Terra Lana Products Ltd
Wool pipe lagging available in linear or tubular format
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Bostik Industrial Grade Silicone
Bostik New Zealand Limited
High performance, ultra violet resistant, one component neutral cure silicone sealant
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Daikin VRV S High Season Efficiency System
Daikin NZ
High seasonal efficiency compact multi room system in a unified single fan casing design.
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Masons Gravity Grille Vent - White Plastic
Masons Plastabrick Ltd
White Plastic Gravity Grille Vent for internal and external applications.
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Daikin Alira Series Wall Mount
Daikin NZ
Features Daikin Streamer Technology that reduces the presence of contaminants in the home.
Air Flow Engineering grease filter
Airflow Engineering Ltd
A lightweight washable or regenerable panel unit for in cooking exhaust systems.
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ACMF Quadro Louvre
AMC Fabricators Ltd
Chamfered and square box louvre blades designed for weather & shade protection
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Promat PROMASEAL® Conduit Collar
Tasman Insulation New Zealand Ltd TA Comfortech Performance Building Solutions™
For retrofitting around small (<32mm) plastic conduit pipes that pass through floor or wall slabs
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Masons Back Draft Shutter
Masons Plastabrick Ltd
Spring loaded Back Draft Shutter for one way directional air flow. Available in 3 sizes.
Hitachi heat pumps
Temperzone Ltd
Split system inverters.
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Daikin VRV FXDYQ-MA High Sensible Ducted Indoor Unit
Daikin NZ
High ESP ducted unit that allows for greater flexibility when designing duct layouts.
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Daikin VRV FXMQ-P High Sensible Ducted Indoor Unit
Daikin NZ
Designed with a height of only 470mm, DC fan motor and ESP of up to 250Pa.
Climatech Commercial Heating and ventalation
Norfolk Electrical and Mechanical Limited
Heating and ventalation design & construction
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Daikin VRV IV Heat Recovery System
Daikin NZ
Air cooled VRV system with heat recovery technologies enabling simultaneous heating and cooling.
Toshiba floor consoles
Varcoe Refrigeration
Compact unit designed to be installed on the floor and in low wall applications.
Climatech Airconditioning
Norfolk Electrical and Mechanical Limited
Air conditioning solutions
Airwell heap pump
Clarkson Air Conditioning Ltd
Providing a full range of inverter HiWall console units with additional dual room duct out the rear.
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