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Boyd  (2)
Fletcher Design (2)
Jaloc NZ Ltd (2)
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Joinery Plywood (8)
IMO (5)
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Corporate Culture (3)
Europlan (3)
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Laminam Ceramic Panels & Benchtops
Laminex New Zealand
A large format thin decorative porcelain tile suitable for a wide range of interior applications
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Autex Cubeā„¢
Autex Acoustics
A lightweight but semi-ridged panel made from compressed polyester felt.
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Melteca Purecoat
Laminex New Zealand
A striking, durable high gloss painted panel for drawers, cabinetry and wall linings.
Climatech Refrigerated Display Equipment
Norfolk Electrical and Mechanical Limited
Extensive range commercial refrigeration product
Wardrobeworks wardrobes
Wardrobe Works
Custom made solid wardrobes. Made from melamine laminated furniture grade MDF boards.
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Joinery Plywood Hoop Pine
Plymasters Limited Partnership
Ideal for Specialist Furniture, Wall and Ceiling Linings, Joinery, Kitchens and Feature panels
IMO Axis Desk
IMO Group Ltd
The Axis Desk connects to Kase Storage to combine your work surface and storage needs.
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Prime Stone
NZ Panels Group Ltd
Our high quality engineered quartz stone surface is easy care and affordable.
Corporate Culture CH 24 office furniture
Corporate Culture
Wishbone chair office furniture
Zenith Touch-free soap dispensers
Zenith Heaters
Touch-free soap dispensers
Jaloc Upright Storage Locker
Jaloc NZ Ltd
New Zealand manufactured. Proprietary design, custom made to order. Folded sheet metal
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Forbo Desktop Natural Furniture Surfacing
Inzide Commercial Ltd
A Matt finished surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for 3D designs.
IMO Nelson Seating
IMO Group Ltd
A durable, compact soft seating program with a lightweight appearance.
Lundia Mousehouse mobile computer desk
Versatile and compact mobile computer workstation
Fletcher Design Landscape Arc
Fletcher Design
High & low back upholstered chairs
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Dezignatek Thermoform
NZ Panels Group Ltd
Thermoformed vinyl doors, drawers and panels with a wide range of profile options.
Corporate Culture Chest lounge
Corporate Culture
Corporate office furniture
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Plytech Birch Up
Unique panel featuring Finnish Birch veneer strips creating a totally new decorative appearance.
Damba Carina Beam
Gregory Commercial Furniture
Two or three seater waiting room chairs with no arms. The come in red or black resin.
Hideaway Deluxe Range
Hideaway Bins
Featuring Clinikill antibacterial coated lids
Hauke Murken Last Minute
A foldable table that is sturdy and stable yet lightweight. Made from birch or black linoleum.
IMO Fiord Table
IMO Group Ltd
The modular Fiord Table is suitable for use both indoors and out.
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Joinery Plywood European Birch Multiply
Plymasters Limited Partnership
Perfect for High end joinery, Exposed end grain cabinetry, Architectural linings, Kitchens.
D A Lewis Commercial Furniture
D A Lewis
Commercial furniture
masterspec partner
Joinery Plywood Gaboon BS1088
Plymasters Limited Partnership
Ideal for Boat builders, Kitchen joinery, Residential linings Cabinetry and Furniture.
Naos shelving
UFL Group
Laminate, glass or aluminium shelves on aluminium uprights. Available as freestanding or fixed.
Boyd Visuals Porcelain Cabinet Sliders
Cabinet Sliding Whiteboards designed to fit over storage units and cupboards.
Lundia Customized timber storage
A4+ storage system
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Joinery Plywood Pureply Birch
Plymasters Limited Partnership
With a premium core and White Birch veneer
Keri outdoor lounge suite
Devon Industries Ltd
upholstered wooden outdoor furniture.
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