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New Zealand Wood Products Limited (11)
McIntosh Timber Laminates (8)
MiTek New Zealand Limited (6)
JNL - Juken New Zealand Ltd (4)
Pryda New Zealand (4)
Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts (3)
Plytech International Ltd (3)
Hilti (New Zealand) Ltd (2)
Lumberworx Ltd (2)
Prowood Ltd (2)
McIntosh Timber Laminates (8)
Hyne I-Built™ (5)
Pryda New Zealand (4)
Juken (3)
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CS For Doors
Cavity slider with integrated bracing panel
McIntosh Timber Laminates Curved Knee Portals
McIntosh Timber Laminates
Glulam curved knee portals
McIntosh Timber Laminates flooring/decking
McIntosh Timber Laminates
Glulam timber decking for floors and ceilings
Craigpine timber
Craigpine Timber Ltd
Supplier of timber suitable for a wide variety of timber products.
Touchwood Wall Brace (TWB)
Design-flexible solid wood construction system consisting of T&G timber wall boards, glued together
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Hyne I-Built™ 18c glue laminated beam
New Zealand Wood Products Limited
Sanded finish. Suitable for lintels, bearers, roof beams, rafters, curves, columns and portal frames
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Hyne I-Built™ Rimboard
New Zealand Wood Products Limited
Perimeter board for use with I-Beams
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Shadowclad® Ultra
Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts
Plywood pre-primed cladding available in two sheet profiles - Texture and Groove.
McIntosh Timber Laminates Curved Beams
McIntosh Timber Laminates
Glulam curved beams
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Juken - Triboard
JNL - Juken New Zealand Ltd
Wood strand core sandwiched between MDF for internal structural and non-structural applications
Interlink Ltd. European Hardwood
Interlink Ltd
Used,A-Grade,Untreated European Oak hardwood. 2.6m-4.1mx300mm x140mm (approx). Architectual quality
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NelsonPine LVL
New Zealand Wood Products Limited
Alternative to structural solid lumber and steel for include bearers, lintels, joists, rafters etc
Metrapanel construction system
Metrapanel Ltd
A house building system based on Metrapanel wall and ceiling panels.
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New Zealand Wood Products Limited
For use in a diverse range of interior and exterior structural applications
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Lumberworx Laminated veneer Lumber (LVL)
Lumberworx Ltd
A high performance engineered wood product with a wide range of structural applications
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MiTek New Zealand Limited
MITEK FLITCH BEAM is a composite beam formed with a steel plate sandwiched between timber elements.
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Bostik Seal 'N' Flex 1
Bostik New Zealand Limited
Polyurethane construction joint sealant. low modulus, one component, Class A polyurethane sealant.
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Plytech Eliteline
Plytech International Ltd
Features a V-groove at 100mm centres. Traditional tongue and groove timber lining appearance
Nelson Pine Laminated Veneer Lumber
Nelson Pine Industries Limited
Laminated veneer lumber from radiata pine
KTP sawn timber
Kiwi Timber Protection Ltd
All standard timber sizes, grades and treatment levels H3 to H6. Suitable for general construction.
Vijay roof trusses
Vijay Holdings
Available in both lightweight steel or quality timber.
Pryda New Zealand Flitch Beams engineered timber beams
Pryda New Zealand
Flitch Beams
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Juken J-Frame
JNL - Juken New Zealand Ltd
General purpose Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) gauged Framing timber
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JNL J-Form
New Zealand Wood Products Limited
Structural laminated veneer lumber made from 100% renewable resources
NZ Totara Native New Zealand Timber
NZ Totara
Sustainably harvested, naturally durable Totara timber. Attractive finish for structural application
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LUMBERLOK Timber Connectors
MiTek New Zealand Limited
The range of LUMBERLOK Tylok Plates and Nailon connectors is used in the assembly of timber framing.
Hilti anchoring systems
Hilti (New Zealand) Ltd
Mechanical and chemical anchors
McIntosh Timber Laminates Ply Gusset Portals
McIntosh Timber Laminates
Knee joints formed using nailed plywood gussets.
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MiTek New Zealand Limited
MITEK GANGLAM is formed by building up large beam sections from smaller components with truss plates
McIntosh Timber Laminates Angle knee portals
McIntosh Timber Laminates
Factory-made interlocking glued knee joint
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