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A garden on your roof that offers functional and aesthetic benefits to the building and environment.
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Product Description

A lawn and/or garden installed on the roof of a building. A roof garden or “green roof” offers functional and aesthetic benefits. Incorporates an adhered membrane waterproofing system with a Roof Garden assembly on top. Metropolitan areas have the most to gain from Roof Gardens.

  • Storm water control- the soil absorbs and slowly releases water while reducing run-off rates by up to 500%
  • Air and water purification- plants turn Co2 in O2 and the soil filters water
  • Longer roof life- membrane is protected from the climate and weather elements
  • Sound and temperature insulation- warmer in winter, cooler in summer
  • Heat reduction- plants cool the surrounding air
  • Energy savings- via air-conditioning running costs
  • Aesthetics- ties buildings and homes into the natural environment
  • Space saving- use of the "5th wall" to provide outdoor public spaces
  • 20 year product warranty

A range of roof garden systems are available which can be adapted to meet your roofing project requirements.

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