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High Efficiency Multiroom Heating
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Product Description

Multiroom is Esceas unique heat ducting technology which is available with the Escea DX Series gas fireplaces.

Multiroom Technology offers a home heating solution in combination with the direct benefits of having a fireplace. Now you can stay warm without even needing to be in the same room, as the ducting system circulates heat throughout your home. It also carries the heat into the farthest corners of the same room as the fireplace, so you achieve evenly distributed heat within the room. This not only keeps the whole room a consistent temperature, but also boosts the efficiency of the fireplace.

The Escea ducting system can run through the floor or the ceiling, into the same room and throughout the house. The heat is then expelled by means of ceiling, floor or wall outlets, which can be customised to suit your personal preference. Each DX Series fireplace has a minimum and maximum amount of outlets that is required for optimal performance, which is dependent on the size.

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