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Intucollars are used to fire seal pipes as they pass through fire compartment walls and floors.
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Product Description

Firetherm retrofit Intucollars are used to fire seal U-PVC, PP, PE, HDPE and ABS pipes as they pass through fire compartment walls and floors. In a fire the intumescent lining of the collar expands and crushes the heat softened pipe leaving the potential path for fire completely sealed.  A red powder coated metal shell produced In two hinged halves lined with flexible intumescent material, to be placed around plastic pipes and mechanically secured to compartment walls and floors with steel fixings to provide up to four hours fire protection.

Available in Sizes; 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm (and larger upon request).

For walls, an Intucollar is required on both sides, for floors use one Intucollar on the underside only. Any gaps of up to 25mm wide around the pipework should be filled with Intumastic or ADL Intumastic sealant. For gaps greater than 25mm Intucompound can be used.

For further information and installation instructions consult RYANFIRE technical department.

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