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Firetherm Intubatt is used to seal around service penetrations through fire rated walls and floors.
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Product Description

Firetherm Intubatt slab is used to seal around service penetrations through walls and floors where a non load bearing seal is required. A single Intubatt can provide up to 120 minutes fire integrity and insulation in a wall and 117 minutes integrity and 62 minutes insulation in a floor. 4 hours integrity and insulation can be achieved with two Intubatts.

This high density mineral fibre Intubatt is coated with a durable fire resistant mastic. Supplied as 1200 x 600 x 50mm board in single packed in a strong polythene bag. Intubatt can be cut on site with a serrated knife or padsaw. The Intubatt system requires no “buttering up” of the edges of the wall prior to installation provided each segment is cut to a matching tight fit.

Refer to the Intubatt Installation Instructions for details, or contact Ryanfire technical department for more information including installation instructions and test data.

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