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Steel fibre reinforcing
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Product Description

Steelcon Steel Fibers, All the advantages of full rebar reinforcement, These steel fibres are made from Hard-drawn low-carbon high tensile steel wire, and are Continuously Deformed conforming to the provisions of ASTM 820 type 1.

The principle of all Fibercon Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete is to provide discrete, discontinuous reinforcement and effective crack control. Fibercon Steel Fibres are available in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications. Fibercon works because unlike mesh reinforcing, the steel fibres reinforce in three dimensions throughout the entire concrete matrix. The fibre functions to reinforce and restrain micro-cracking, essentially acting as “miniature reinforcing bars”. Thus the earlier the crack is intercepted and its growth inhibited, the lower the chance of it developing into a major flaw.


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