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Concrete Plus Ltd (26)
Sika (NZ) Ltd (15)
Markham Global (12)
Cemix Limited  (8)
Mapei New Zealand Ltd (7)
ARDEX New Zealand Limited (5)
Infrastructure Solutions Ltd (4)
PeterFell Specialists in Coloured Concrete (4)
Stratmore Construction Solutions  (4)
Colourcrete NZ (3)
Fosroc (22)
Sika (15)
Cemix  (8)
Aquron (7)
Mapei (7)
Pentra Sil (NL) HD+C
LESA Systems LTD
Water-based, clear, dissipating membrane-forming compound incorporating a lithium densifier
masterspec partner
Aquron 1000 Supergrind System for Polished Concrete
Markham Global
2 step system enhancing durability & final finish for polished concrete floors
masterspec partner
Peter Fell Ltd concrete sealers
PeterFell Specialists in Coloured Concrete
Solvent based water based epoxy 2 Pot natural penetrating anti grafitti tinted
C2 Hard
GDP Flooring Solutions Limited
Lithium concrete sealer, hardener, densifier and dustproofer
masterspec partner
Sika Control 40 Shrinkage-reducing admixture for concrete
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Concrete admixture used to produce high performance concrete with greatly reduced drying shrinkage
Christchurch Ready Mix Ready-Mix Concrete
Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Ltd
‘Normal ‘and ‘Special’ grade Concrete
masterspec partner
Allied Concrete Engineered Concrete Solutions
Allied Concrete Limited
Concrete specifically engineered
Surface Solutions resurfacing specialists
Surface Solutions Ltd
Trowel and spray finishes for concrete
masterspec partner
ARDEX EG 15 - High-Performance Epoxy Grout
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
Easy-clean, high-performance epoxy grout with very high chemical and physical resistance.
masterspec partner
Armourtech 101 Concrete Sealer
Infrastructure Solutions Ltd
A specially formulated flat/clear water based penetrating sealer for all cementitious applications.
masterspec partner
RLA Uniprime
RLA Polymers NZ Ltd
Uniprime is a versatile latex primer which can also be used as an additive to increase bond strength
masterspec partner
ARDEX A 45 - Rapid-Hardening, Rapid-Drying, Internal Repair Mortar
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
A rapid-drying and rapid-hardening slump-free repair mortar with exceptional hardiness.
masterspec partner
Mapei Mapefill SP
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Premium super flow non-shrink cementitious grout
masterspec partner
Firth RibRaft® HotEdge®
Firth Industries
RibRaft® HotEdge® is a fully integrated thermal slab-edge insulation system.
masterspec partner
Sika dur 41 three component, non-slump mortar
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Three component, non-slump mortar
masterspec partner
Bostik ASA Asaphonic mat
Bostik New Zealand Limited
Acoustic mat for under tiles/ flooring
Ashford Formula concrete treatment
Creteseal NZ Ltd
A colourless and transparent protective liquid that penetrates concrete and masonry materials.
BASF exposed aggregate surface finishing
BASF Construction Chemicals Limited
Aggregates, retardants and sealers for commercial and industrial floor finishes
masterspec partner
Aquron 300
Markham Global
Waterproofing additive for concrete
masterspec partner
Firth Exposed Aggregate
Firth Industries
Exposed Aggregate concrete.
masterspec partner
Lythic DAY1
Infrastructure Solutions Ltd
Curing and Trowelling aid
masterspec partner
MAXRaft© 320/400 Expansive Soils / TC2 / Piles
MAXRaft 320/400 is our fully insulated concrete slab for expansive soils or TC2 ground.
Cemix R20 concrete retarder
Cemix Limited
Retarder used when revealing aggregate in concrete
masterspec partner
Canzac UltracureNCF
Made for indoor/outdoor usage during 7 day curing periods.holds water - no need for re-wetting slab
masterspec partner
Equus Traxx Solvent Sealer
Equus Industries Limited
Clearglaze finish sealer for concrete floors.
masterspec partner
Sika Grout UW pumped grouting applications underwater or tidal
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Pumped grouting applications underwater or tidal
masterspec partner
Fosroc Nitoprime 330
Concrete Plus Ltd
High performance primer for Cemtop cementitious flooring systems
masterspec partner
Gilt Edge Industries Ltd
A non membrane forming silicate solution that provides a cure regime equal to water pond curing.
masterspec partner
Markham Block Sealing System
Markham Global
2-step system for sealing concrete block walls
masterspec partner
Markham Superswell 47B Controlled Expansion Waterstop
Markham Global
Butyl hydrophilic polymar gasket

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