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Mapei New Zealand Ltd (38)
Concrete Plus Ltd (36)
Brick & Stone South Island Limited (32)
Sika (NZ) Ltd (15)
Markham Global (13)
NZ Brick Distributors Ltd (13)
New Zealand Wood Products Limited (12)
Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts (11)
Earth Design Limited (9)
Mapei (38)
Midland Brick (30)
Fosroc (21)
Sika (15)
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New Zealand Steel AXXIS Steel for Framing
New Zealand Steel Ltd
High tensile galvanised steel for wall frames, trusses and floor joists
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Mapei Mapelastic Smart
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (crack-bridging capacity >2mm) for waterproofing
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CS For Doors
Cavity slider with integrated bracing panel
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Expol Thermaslab EPS sheet
Expol Limited
Polystyrene (EPS) sheet.
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PSL Innovative Aluminium Alement 64
PSL Innovative Aluminium
The Alement 64 system has been used on a number of quality fit-outs. Designed for 64mm stud
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Bostik ASA self levelling
Bostik New Zealand Limited
Polymer modified cementitious underlay, 2mm – 120mm in one application.
Marblo solid surface
Design Laminates 2007 Ltd
Marblo is a hybrid polymer solid surface that has been made in Australia for over 30 years
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Hydrocast waterstop
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd
PVC waterstop positive seal for concrete expansion
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Perry Grating Steel Walkway Grating
Perry Grating
Mild Steel Walkway and Platform Grating
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Dimond HiBond flooring
Composite steel concrete flooring system
Denka CSA
Demden Ltd
Expansive cement additive used to produce shrinkage compensated concrete.
Touchwood Building System
A complete all-in-one solid wood wall system combining conventional roof and floor construction.
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High-Tech Spall FX
Concrete Results Ltd
HT Spall-FX is a rapid set, high strength ultra low viscosity
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MiTek New Zealand Limited
MITEK FLITCH BEAM is a composite beam formed with a steel plate sandwiched between timber elements.
BASF DELVOcrete 29 cement admixture
BASF Construction Chemicals Limited
Non-chloride admixture for cement hydration
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Mapei Steel bar
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Ultra high-strength AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel helical bars
Hilti HUS-H screw anchors
Hilti (New Zealand) Ltd
Used to resist earthquake and wind loads on the bottom plates of timber frame buildings.
Ados Rapid Resin
CRC Industries NZ Ltd
Fast-setting resin, suitable for rapid repairs.
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ARDEX EG 15 - High-Performance Epoxy Grout
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
Easy-clean, high-performance epoxy grout with very high chemical and physical resistance.
Canterbury Clay Bricks classic range
W.D. Boyes & Sons Limited
230x76x70mm bricks made from rich Canterbury clay. Available in deep natural colours.
Busck prestressed concrete
Busck Prestressed Concrete Ltd
Prestressed and precast concrete for building and paving.
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Fosroc Nitocote SN502
Concrete Plus Ltd
Economical, penetrating hydrophobic silane-siloxane, clear treatment for masonry and concrete.
Midland Brick Elan Range - Cleveland
Brick & Stone South Island Limited
Terracotta tones with complimenting burn marks and torn face giving your home texture and design.
Midland Brick Elan Range - Grey Nuance
Brick & Stone South Island Limited
Rich earthy blend of brown tones complimenting the rough cut texture of this brick type.
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Concrete Additives
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd
Acrylic concrete & plaster modifier.
Robinson Seismic Steel Hysteretic Dampers (SHD)
Robinson Seismic Ltd
Damping for seismically isolated structures
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Simpson Strong-Tie SET-XP® Epoxy Chemical Anchoring Adhesive
Simpson Strong-Tie
Suitable for high-strength seismic applications in cracked and uncracked concretes.
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Firth Elements Coloured Concrete
Firth Industries
Coloured premium oxides for Concrete
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Mapei MapeWrap 21
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Superfluid, solvent-free epoxy resin for impregnation of MapeWrap with "wet system"
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Jagas Concrete staircases
Jagas Ltd
Stair treads, landings and precast concrete staircases. Custom design.

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