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Strata Bond is a fire resistant injection system used to rapidly stabilise strata and coal.
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Product Description

ReZolution Strata Bond is a fire resistant injection system based on urea silicate technology. It is designed to rapidly stabilise strata and coal by giving them structural strength and flexibility. In addition to being fire resistant due to its unique silicate chemistry, the maximum exotherm reached during curing is well under the maximum allowed. ReZolution Strata Bond can be used in wet environments where it shows good adhesion to wet surfaces, but will not absorb water.

Rapid stabilisation and strengthening strata and coal Rapid consolidation of other substrates such as sand, gravel, fractured road rock etc. Crack repairs above and below water

Fire resistant, Very fast reactivity with structural strength and resiliency, same reaction and cured properties in dry or underwater situations, penetrates cracks greater than 0.15mm, does not expand its cured volume, does not absorb water, very good adhesion to wet surfaces.


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