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Electric heating intended for floor surface warming and space heating to stone, ceramic tiles
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Product Description

Warmup underfloor heating systems produce radiant heat, probably the most comfortable and energy efficient form of heating available.

Radiant heating versus conventional heating

To understand the principle of radiant heat, imagine that you are standing outside on a cold, clear day. The ground below you is frozen, but when the sun hits your face you feel warm, despite the low air temperature. Why? 

Radiant heat from the sun heats objects, like you, before it heats the air around you. You can be warm while the air remains cool and fresh. 

Underfloor heating - tested and proven over 2000 years. The idea of using radiant heat to gently warm a large floor surface at a low temperature was mastered over 2000 years ago by the Romans. While the technology has changed over the years, the concept is as sound as it ever was; heating a large area at a modest temperature (21-25°C / 70-77°F) produces the most comfortable and efficient form of heating possible.

WarmUp underfloor heating

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