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6mm thick Quartz Surfacing material
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Product Description

New from GVP NaturaStone is a 6mm thick Quartz Surfacing material combining beauty with exceptional durability and ease of handling. NaturaStone can be readily applied to an infinite variety of residential and commercial projects. NaturaStone can be installed as a complete new bench top or applied on site, easily resurfacing existing bench tops.  Over 90% natural quartz is combined with a high performance acrylic polymer. A multi filament glass mesh is encapsulated within the slab as additional reinforcement. NaturaStone slabs are Diamond polished to a hard wearing lustrous gloss finish.

NaturaStone characteristics include:

  • Solid non-porous one piece material
  • Exceptional scratch, stain, heat and impact resistance
  • High hardness level of over 7.5 MOHS.
  • Flexible product resisting chipping and cracking. 
  • Excellent UV stability.             .
  • Hygienic.    
  • Easy fabrication and installation.  .
  • Tough and durable.  
  • Easy to vary different edge thickness. 
  • NaturaStone is backed by a 12 year warranty  


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