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Switchable glass and translucent laminates
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Product Description

Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass permits snap-of-the-finger-fast electric control of light, energy and privacy through intelligent glass. An emulsion of liquid crystal integrated in a switchable interlayer unleashes the power to change the view from opaque to clear, electrically, in just 1/50th of a second. Switchable Glass is ideal for the partitioning of interior building spaces such as conference rooms and gymnasiums, or it can be used as an alternative to blinds and curtains.

Translucent Laminates

Translucent Laminates have an appearance of sandblasted glass or frosted film. These laminates are Grade A Safety Glass and have the added benefit of easier cleaning as the translucent interlayer is contained within the two plies of glass and is permanent. They are an excellent choice for privacy in doors and bathroom windows, providing good light transmission while the interlayer disperses light evenly. Available in Translucent or Soft White finishes.

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