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CPF use significantly improves the quality and design life of all concretre elements.
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Product Description

Zemdrain® CPF liners are attached to the formwork face and during the concreting process remove excess air and water from the formwork/concrete interface. This reduces the w/c ratio in the outer 20mm of the surface to nearly optimum values and virtually eliminates blowholes. The resulting concrete has increased resistance to all aggressive elements. The better cured surface produced by Zemdrain® prevents the concrete degradation of tomorrow, today.

Concrete formed with Zemdrain® has the following benefits:

  • Virtually blowhole and blemish free surfaces
  • Surfaces uncontaminated by release agent residues
  • Surfaces with a lower w/c ratio
  • Increased surface hardness and density
  • Increased chloride and carbonation resistance
  • Improved freeze/thaw resistance
  • Improved abrasion resistance
Zemdrain® can be used for drinking water reservoirs, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, locks, bridges, marine structures and quality exposed concrete surfaces

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